SAĞLIK PSİKOLOJİSİ - Health Psychology

Jane Odgen

70,00 TL

Yazar(lar) Serpil Şahin, Servet Gülüm Şumnu, Haluk Hamamcı, Aslı İşçi, Özge Şakıyan
Barkod 9786053205081
ISBN 978-605-320-508-1
Fiyatı 65,00 TL
Ebatı 17x24
Sayfa Sayısı 884
Baskı Sayısı 1. Baskı
Baskı Yılı Eylül, 2016
Yayınevi NOBEL Akademik Yayıncılık

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Kitap Hakkında

This book covers fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and applications of this knowledge in unit operations in food and chemical industries. It is written as a textbook for undergraduate students, which fills the gap in the area of food engineering operations. There are numerous practical examples, problems and figures in the book to help students understanding the concepts in a better way. Physical properties of many food materials are also given in this book, which are not provided in most of the books in this area.
The book can be taught in a sequence of three fundamental and two design courses in undergraduate programs of Food Engineering Departments. This book will also be a reference for other engineering courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. Besides food engineering students, the material in the book may be of interest to people who are working in the field of Food Science, Food Technology, Biological Systems Engineering, Food Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Agricultural Engineering.

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SÖZSÜZ İLETİŞİM - Bilim ve Uygulamaları / NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION - Science and Applications

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